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What I did with my rocket fuel

I’ve been meaning to commit some thoughts to writing for so long, now. I haven’t succeeded, yet, but I intend to see this attempt through, no matter how badly it turns out.

My attempts so far have been characterized by bad starts, by first few keystrokes that didn’t have that starter cough-starter cough-vroom resonance to them. I’ve always hated the way I write when I’m happy; it’s a mood I’d much rather spend drawing, or in conversation. Writing is for introspective early-morning lulls, or for when I feel like dropping a pile of logorrhea.

Still. This pogo-stick hijink, which took me three-quarters of the way around the sun, deserves a proper paragraph.

So, yeah. Over the past year I burned a lot of unneeded weight, got rid of both my asthma and my rhinitis, and am overall healthier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I rediscovered a couple of old hobbies, learning the ropes of a couple more, and I spend my time working for worthwhile causes. Got to know a lot of great people, had a lot of laughs, learned a couple of lessons and went through a few moments of clarity. Fell in love for the first time in years. Lost fights to some personal demons, too, but that's how it is with playing the hand you were dealt.

Well! Enough with the laundry-listing. I still have three months left to toy with. Till next time.
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