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denas: you know catholic prayers are really fucken scary when you think about it
macri: really, how so?
denas: "and lead all souls to heaven especially those in need of your divine mercy"
denas: "glory be to the father...as it was in the beginning now and ever shall be world without end"
denas: samuel l. jackson's character in pulp fiction got it right prayers/bible quotes make for great signature phrases for killing people
denas: it's such a militant religion
denas: christians see jihad in such a negative light but at least their holy wars are declared
denas: christians are permanently on a crusade, man
denas: it's a good thing europe underwent a rennaisance otherwise we'd still have inquisitions knocking on people's doorsteps and crusades to re/capture holy lands
denas: i think if i ever become a contract killer my signature phrase will be the angel's prayer
denas: angel of god my guardian dear to whom god's love commits me here ever this day be at my sight (BLAM) to rule (BLAM BLAM BLAM) and guard (BLAM...BLAM)
denas: *steps closer to the corpse* amen (point blank BLAM)
denas: you know what hollywood needs to do more crossovers
denas: i would very much like an alien v. robocop
denas: or indiana jones v. james bond
denas: obligatory christ v. chuck norris
denas: alright i will try and make one and roll everything into ONE GIANT MOVIE
denas: "fight club 2"
denas: tyler durden invents a time machine and spreads fight club to all times and spaces
macri: ^________^'
denas: but eventually it becomes one big excuse to pit fights between history's most important men and women
denas: and robots
denas: and animals and extraterrestrial lifeforms
macri: between history's most important men and women
macri: haha masaya yan
denas: it's a great idea i think this will be the shit of the most high
macri: didn't mtv do something like that?
denas: in fact i might hit a second bird with the same stone the film
denas: will be revered
denas: and will become the basis for a new religion
denas: it will become the holy text for the next 2000 years, or perhaps the next 20,000 who knows what the human race will be capable of under my guidance...
denas: yo are you still there i thought you wanted to just chat
macri: im here
denas: this is a very one sided conversation
macri: if you need crew for your film i can volunteer
macri: just make sure your cast is all warm and cozy or else
denas: fuck that i don't want wars to be fought in my name
macri: extinction
denas: i am already responsible for the collapse of 1.442x10^2256 universes
denas: further bloodshed will not do
denas: you know it would be amazing if all of everything operated on sensitivity to initial conditions
denas: if i flick my wrist that way i destroy a civilization
macri: whatdayamean?
denas: you're pseudointellectual enough to be familiar with chaos theory am i correct
denas: butterfly effect and all that shizzle
macri: your bluntness never ceases to amaze me
macri: i think i have enough pseudointellectual bullshit hanging around my waist pocket so go ahead
denas: nobody except for chaos theorists have any business dabbling in chaos theory and that includes you and me
denas: look the logical extension of the butterfly effect wherein a miniscule input into the system results in dramatically huge changes overall
macri: yeah
denas: is that the miniscule input is a product of an infinitisemally smaller input
denas: and that the huge effects will in turn be the cause of something orders of magnitude bigger
denas: this chain of causality extends infinitely on both sides
macri: so its not a happens therefore causing b?
denas: regardless of tensions between classical and quantum mechanics as long as sensitivity to initial conditions exist within a system it will follow that the ultimate initial condition would be something inconceivably minute
denas: so observing a particle (a little “quantum mechanics” “reference” here) will ultimately lead to the collapse of entire universes
macri: lay man terms please
denas: ooga fucken booga
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